Join us in Area 51 Beale Street!

Weapons and Costume Policy

No live weapons are permitted in any Memphis in 2023 spaces, regardless of other venue or event policies. Prop weapons must be clearly recognizable as such from a distance of five feet. We recommend using safety-orange markings (e.g. tips on gun-like props).

Weapons and costumes must be managed in such a way that they do not harm anyone or block hallways. This includes swinging around and hitting people by accident.

Costumes depicting past or present military, paramilitary, or police forces in the real world are not permitted. Please consider carefully whether your costume represents a group that may have harmed people before choosing it. Note that a costume may consitute a breach of the Code of Conduct.

Costumes are NOT consent. Do not touch or photograph anyone without consent. If you would like a photograph of a cosplayer, ask first.

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