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About Memphis 2023

We would like to bring Worldcon, the oldest (mostly-) continuously running science fiction convention, to Memphis TN in 2023. This would be Worldcon 81, since we start our count in 1939, with afew years off in the 40s. Although Worldcon has its serious side (Business Meeting fandom represent!), it should also be fun, and Memphis is a fun town! While we don’t have a theme yet, our mascot Xelvis is busily suggesting terrible puns for us to use for it.

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Thank You for Your Support Over the Last 2 Years


It is with great sadness that we let you know that the Memphis in 2023 bid has folded. The challenges and uncertainties surrounding the pandemic have severely hampered our ability to run the campaign we had been hoping to so it has led us to fold this bid. We thank you so much for all of your support and appreciate that you believed in us. Those of you who are still due t-shirts, we will be mailing those out to you soon. Read more

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